Use colour accents

With roller blinds you can create wonderful colour accents. Light or shade? Bright and colourful, or subtle and muted? Lined or unlined? Trans­pa­rent or opaque? Choose from over 270 colours and up-to-the-minute patterns to find the perfect match for you! 

Shut out prying eyes

In addi­tion, roller blinds help improve insu­la­tion – prevent your spaces from over­hea­ting in summer, and enjoy cosy warmth in winter. But it’s not just the weather that stays outside – you decide how much of your private life you want your neigh­bours to see.


Old buil­ding or new

Roller blinds from WOUNDWO are perfect for any housing situa­tion, whether it’s an old buil­ding or a new one: for instance, you can mount your roller blind in front of or inside the window recess. All ‘INSIDE’ products from WOUNDWO are manu­fac­tured to be child-safe in accor­dance with EN 13120!

Range of opera­ting options

Versa­ti­lity also counts when it comes to opera­ting options: you can choose from chain, cord or motor. If required, we can also deliver your roller blind with an auto­matic control. 


Roller blinds from WOUNDWO

  • Shading of indoor areas
  • Heat protec­tion and glare shield
  • Opera­tion using bead chain or centre-pull mecha­nism
  • Conve­nient opera­tion with motor or remote control
  • 2 stan­dard colours or choose from over 200 RAL colours
  • Child-safe in accor­dance with EN 13120
  • 270 colours and up-to-the-minute patterns
  • Light-fast fabric quality

Product overview for Roller blinds

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