Living without insects

Say goodbye to those plagues of insects in your home! Insect screens for windows or doors, hinged or clam­ping frames, insect screen roller blinds, insect screen pleated blinds or large-scale sliding systems – WOUNDWO has the ideal solu­tion to allow you to enjoy your days, and espe­cially your nights, in peace.

No chemi­cals

Installed in just a few steps, our insect screens guarantee the flow of fresh air in all rooms, with no need to use chemi­cals to fight insects. Insect screens – just the way you want them, every time. Choose from a host of special solu­tions such as dog or cat flaps, as a light­well cover, or one of numerous special shapes, in combi­na­tion with your sun protec­tion system, in a range of mesh vari­ants.


Which mesh to use?

From Trans­patec and Trans­patec fine-weave mesh, to pollen-resis­tant screens for allergy-suffe­rers, poly­ester mesh and stain­less steel mesh, through to HF elec­tro­smog shiel­ding fabric, we’ve got it all! Some of our insect screen fabrics have been awarded ‘Der blaue Engel’ envi­ron­mental certi­fi­ca­tion, indi­ca­ting parti­cu­larly eco-friendly products and services. In addi­tion, all WOUNDWO insect screen compo­n­ents are avail­able in 9 trendy stan­dard colours or, if that’s not enough, in 200 addi­tional RAL colours. 


Insect screens from WOUNDWO

  • Long-term insect protec­tion
  • Made-to-measure for you
  • 9 stan­dard colours for profiles or choose from 200 RAL colours
  • 8 diffe­rent types of fabric
  • Durable, high-quality fabric
  • Wide range of products for every area of appli­ca­tion
  • Many special shapes
  • Special-purpose solu­tions such as flaps for cats or dogs
  • Light­well covers

Product overview for Insect screens

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