Window awnings offer a play of light



Bright & trans­pa­rent with window awnings

While window awnings provide solid protec­tion against over­hea­ting and offer good privacy, they don’t shut out the outside world comple­tely. The light that passes through allows you to set up your living space depen­ding on what the sun is doing.

Add colour to your life!

With a vast range of colours, you can create a warm lighting effect in certain rooms, while other rooms can be kept more sober and plain through the use of cool colours. With WOUNDWO there are no limits to your imagi­na­tion. 


Smart control, made easy

With the intel­li­gent WOUNDWO control system, you manage all your sun protec­tion solu­tions with a single remote control unit or your smart­phone – easily and conve­ni­ently to suit spon­ta­neous user requi­re­ments.

Highly func­tional addi­tional features

With WOUNDWO window awnings, you not only get protection from heat, unwanted glances, and glare, but also an additional feature: the optional LED strip that creates a pleasant atmosphere on warm summer evenings.


Window awnings from WOUNDWO

  • Good mix of protec­tion and trans­pa­rency
  • Unri­valled lighting moods
  • Create indi­vi­dual colour moods
  • More than 200 RAL frame colours
  • Over 350 fabrics
  • Effec­tively prevents over­hea­ting
  • Conti­nuous adjust­ment
  • Smart auto­matic control
  • Light-fast, hard-wearing fabric
  • Long-lasting dirt-repel­lent
  • Optional highly flame retar­dant fabric
  • Optional up to 100% PVC-free fabric