Pergola awnings: sunshine made to measure



Expe­ri­ence outdoor living

As our summers get hotter, we need solu­tions that cover all the bases. For very large patios, a moun­ting surface such as a roof won’t always be avail­able. For these cases, we’ve deve­l­oped the PERGO-LINE pergola awning – with its own alumi­nium uprights and moun­ting brackets it can be directly affixed to the wall and can shade large patio areas, without compro­mi­sing on quality, design or variety! Provide shading for your extended living space, so that even in summer you can use it in comfort.

Smart tech­no­logy for the Smart Home

It’s not only features such as wind impact protec­tion or fabric support tube that make WOUNDWO pergola awnings the gold stan­dard. The ultra-sensi­tive sun and wind sensor, and radio-controlled motor with io home­con­trol, also give you the option of smart usage.

Design & System

Dare to colour!

Match your pergola awning to the façade, or just choose your favou­rite colour. With over 200 RAL frame colours and more than 350 fabrics, the only limit is your imagi­na­tion. With WOUNDWO know-how and a connec­table PERGO-LINE, you can even create shading to cover huge areas!

Combi­na­tion with ZIPLINE

With sun protec­tion by WOUNDWO, you design the sunlight just as you want it – that’s why our products are as flexible as possible. To enclose your outdoor living space comple­tely on all sides and provide it with full shading, simply combine the PERGO-LINE with our ZIPLINE vertical awnings – all elegantly inte­grated as a single unit.

Your benefits

Pergola awnings from WOUNDWO 

  • Very effi­cient patio shading
  • The “air condi­tio­ner” for patios
  • Tough to handle the weather, with ZipRail system
  • Instal­la­tion directly on the wall and own system of vertical supports
  • Conti­nuously exten­dable
  • Over 200 RAL colours and 350 fabrics
  • Create large dimen­sions by coupling systems toge­ther
  • Standard io homecontrol radio motor
  • Smart control optional
  • Very weather-resis­tant fabrics

Product overview for Pergola awnings

Options and accessories