Super climate for conser­va­to­ries & patio

As our summers get hotter, we need solu­tions that cover all the bases. That’s precisely why conser­va­tory awnings or under-glass awnings from WOUNDWO offer ever­y­thing, without compro­mi­sing on quality, design or variety! Provide shading for your extended living space, so that even in summer you can use it in comfort.

Smart tech­no­logy for the Smart Home

It’s not only features such as wind impact protec­tion, fabric support tubes or fabric support cables that make WOUNDWO conser­va­tory awnings the abso­lute gold stan­dard. The ultra-sensi­tive sun and wind sensor, and radio-controlled motor with io home­con­trol, also give you the option of smart usage.


Dare to colour!

Match your conser­va­tory awning to the façade, or just choose your favou­rite colour. With over 200 RAL frame colours and more than 350 fabrics, the only limit is your imagi­na­tion. With WOUNDWO know-how and the connec­table XLINE system, you can even create shading to cover large areas!

Flexible instal­la­tion: under glass or over glass

Thanks to a range of instal­la­tion solu­tions such as spaced moun­ting or reveal moun­ting using spaced or clip brackets, WOUNDWO conser­va­tory awnings and under-glass awnings are easy and effi­cient to mount on the ceiling, with the reveal angle being selected depen­ding on the parti­cular requi­re­ments. A distinc­tion is made here between under-glass instal­la­tion (better protected) and above-glass instal­la­tion (better heat protec­tion).


Conser­va­tory awnings from WOUNDWO

  • Very effi­cient shading
  • The ‘air condi­tio­ner’ for patios
  • Conti­nuously exten­dable
  • Numerous colours and fabrics
  • Create large dimen­sions by coupling systems toge­ther
  • Standard io homecontrol radio motor
  • Smart control optional
  • Very weather-resis­tant fabrics
  • Light-fast and dirt-repel­lent
  • Highly flame retar­dant fabrics to choose from

Product overview for Conservatory awnings

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