Awnings are really handy, controlling sunshine at the push of a button. But the same is true for all high-quality products: “proper maintenance for longer life”. Tips for cleaning your awning the right way!

A dustpan or other soft brush is ideal for the quick removal of loose dry debris from the jointed arm awning. Leaves and similar debris should be removed immediately. Use soapy water (approx. 50ml of mild detergent to 1L of water at 30° C) to remove stubborn stains. 

Rinse thoroughly with water afterwards. The frame can be cleaned with any standard cleaning agent and wiped down with a soft cloth. The awning cloth must be allowed to dry properly after cleaning. 

Incorrect cleaning may lead to shorter product life, so please follow these instructions: 

  • High-pressure cleaners, solvents such as alcohol and petrol, scouring agents or pads should not be used for cleaning!
  • Deactivate the drive motor!
  • The awning should only be retracted when dry. If the cloth is rolled up damp, the moisture in the fabric and fabric layers can’t dry out.

You’ll enjoy your WOUNDWO product even longer if you follow these instructions.

User and cleaning guides are available for all WOUNDWO products.

Each guide contains useful care and maintenance tips. And you can get maximum durability and reliability out of your WOUNDWO products! If you discover any damages, please ask the dealer or a suitable service company to repair the product.