Protect & shade with the finest
In outdoor areas jointed arm awnings complement your sun protection inside, effectively shielding you from above from the sun’s rays and turning your patio into a cool, shady spot with no heat radiation. This significantly reduces the need for cooling.

Your colour is important to us
With over 200 RAL frame colours and more than 1,000 fabrics, at WOUNDWO everyone will find the awning they want – however unusual your requirements! There’s a perfect awning model for virtually all dimensions and styles.

Classically beautiful & full of character: jointed arm awnings
WOUNDWO jointed arm awnings can be retracted quickly and easily – by radio-controlled motor, if you wish. With cassette models, fabric and arms are optimally protected in the event of storms or strong wind and in winter. A wealth of fabric designs and premium quality provides a great look and guarantees the ultimate in durability.


Cassette, semi-cassette or simply open
The design featuring a fully enclosed cassette significantly lengthens the life of the awning and makes it possible to use it in exposed locations, as both the awning fabric and the jointed arms retract into the cassette. With a semi-cassette awning, the retracted awning fabric is kept safe from the elements by a sleeve. Open awning systems, on the other hand, are mainly used under existing structural elements in a sheltered location or, if necessary, are protected by a rain canopy.

Awning installation with no limits
WOUNDWO jointed arm awnings can be mounted on the wall, on the ceiling or even installed in the rafters, depending on your requirements, in new buildings and during refurbishment. This makes them exceptionally flexible when designing your home or in renovation projects.

Smart Home, remote control or crank
With WOUNDWO jointed arm awnings, you choose the level of convenience with which you want to shade your patio.


Jointed arm awnings from WOUNDWO

  • Antiglare protection through patio shading
  • Cooler patio, insulated from heat
  • Wide range of colours and fabrics
  • Large dimensions possible
  • High wind stability
  • Infrared radiant heating unit as accessory
  • Standard radio-controlled motor
  • Crank operation optional
  • Optional smart remote control
  • Very weather-resistant fabrics
  • Dirt-repellent and light-fast

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