The ultimate feel-good patio 

Deliciously cool, pleasantly shaded, and shielded from prying eyes – intelligent shading solutions from WOUNDWO make your patio a delightful spot at any time of day. And we offer a wide choice of fabrics with individual, highly functional characteristics. 

Whether you choose a jointed arm or free-standing option, for a pergola, conservatories or to cover a large area – thanks to WOUNDWO know-how you can create your ultimate patio paradise, to enjoy with family or friends, or just for yourself! 

> Jointed arm awnings
> Conservatory awnings
> Pergola awnings
> Side wall awnings
> Free-standing awnings
> Large-surface awnings


Sun protection that meets the highest standards 

Outdoor shading solutions from WOUNDWO protect you against heat and harsh light, and provide perfect privacy, improved heat insulation, and enhanced break-in protection. Go for the benchmark quality of our roller shutters, or treat yourself to an extra portion of flexibility with Venetian blinds. 

Or would you prefer classic exterior blinds with innovative features added by WOUNDWO? People who are serious about shading treat themselves to window awnings – the ideal solution for the sunny side of your house! 

> Window awnings
> Roller shutters

> Venetian blinds
> Exterior blinds
> Insect screens


Creative light management, a superb performance 

When it comes to using light to create the atmosphere you want, leave nothing to chance – take control of your physical comfort with interior shading solutions from WOUNDWO. With clever vertical blinds, it’s never been so easy to set the mood with lighting. 

Purists prefer the classic roller blind or interior blinds. But our intelligent interior blinds are also the perfect way to set the stage for your home or workplace activities. Pleated blinds are the versatile all-rounder. And panel blinds are the ingenious room dividers – move them around to set colour accents and create whole new spaces. 

> Pleated blinds
> Roller blinds
> Interior blinds
> Panel blinds
> Vertical blinds


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