Creates a perfect play of light
With Vene­tian blinds from WOUNDWO, the room climate can be adjusted perfectly to your needs. In direct sunlight, Vene­tian blinds provide optimal protec­tion from the heat. They allow for optimal adjust­ment to direct natural light into the room, through conti­nuous adjust­ment of the slat posi­tion. Protect yourself from prying eyes. High-quality mate­rials guarantee the long life of Vene­tian blinds from WOUNDWO – a partner for life!


Opera­tion with maximum conve­ni­ence
The Vene­tian blinds can be operated with a crank drive or conve­ni­ently by electric motor, or radio-controlled. As a result, the unit can be inte­grated into Smart Home systems.

Extre­mely robust construc­tion and a rail-guided hanging mecha­nism guaran­tees very high wind stabi­lity.  


Vene­tian blinds from WOUNDWO

  • Extre­mely fine lighting control possible
  • Good protec­tion against heat and weather
  • Robust and high wind stabi­lity thanks to rail-guided hanging mecha­nism
  • 5 diffe­rent slat geome­tries
  • 13 Vene­tian blind slat colours
  • 200 RAL colours for guide rail, bottom rail and front cover
  • Inte­grated insect screen possible
  • Optio­nally with auto­matic control