What started out more than 60 years ago as a plastics trading company has grown over the decades into a modern technology company with over 300 employees. Today, WOUNDWO is a leader in the sun protection systems industry in Austria and world-wide. 

For us, sun protection means more than ‘technology with a protective function’. Every day, we strive to broaden that protective function by adding elements that, in combination with the sun, make your living spaces more comfortable, more secure and more liveable. That’s why our credo is SUNLIGHT DESIGN. All product families not only harmonise with each other, but also make use of common, leading-edge platforms in control technology and energy efficiency.





Graz headquarters
WO&WO Sonnenlichtdesign GmbH & Co KG
Hafnerstraße 193, 8054 Graz,
Telefon: +43 (0)316 2807-0

Distribution warehouses:

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Gabersdorf production location
Landscha an der Mur 70, 8424 Gabersdorf

Hall in Tyrol location
Alte Landstraße 25, 6060 Hall 
Tel.: +43 316 2807-0

Breclav location
Wo&Wo stinici technika, s.r.o.
Lidicka 3502/125A, 69003 Breclav/Czech Republic 
Tel.: +42 515 150561

WO&WO France Sarl
23 rue des Coutures 
77090 Collégien, France 
Tel.: +33 160 061951

Sägestrasse 50, 5600 Lenzburg/Switzerland 
Tel.: +41 71 9550480

WO&WO Deutschland GmbH.
Drescherstraße 53, 71277 Rutesheim/Deutschland,
Telefon: +49 (0) 7152 3381130


We understand ‘sunlight design’ to mean creating a comfortable, pleasant environment for users of our products and services. The expertise of our employees, developed over decades, enables us to design intelligent, leading-edge solutions which both enhance our customers’ quality of life and increase the energy efficiency, and the value, of their buildings.

The quality of our products is both an expression and the outcome of the relationships among our customers, employees and suppliers. This is what creates that ‘extra’ in quality and service that we demand from our partners, and against which our employees measure themselves every single day. This combination makes us unique, and is firmly anchored in our policies and our mindset, which is based on fairness and balance.




- ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT INCLUDED: WOUNDWO can look back with pride on an exciting history. In 1952 Walther Grün set up the wholesale company ‘Plastica’ in Graz, and started supplying plastic products for the retail sector. The company’s range mainly included housewares such as plastic tubs, eggcups and drinking cups and glasses, but it also featured protective covers for writing implements. Walther Grün recognised the future of this new material that was finding its way into people’s homes. His motto was ‘Ein Unternehmer ist der, der etwas unternimmt’ (‘An entrepreneur is someone who undertakes something’), which continues up to the present day to be both a driving force and a guiding principle for WOUNDWO:


1952 to 1982

Between 1952 and 1982, the company experienced a period of growth, driven by the pioneering spirit of the company’s founder. The company reinvented itself over and over again. Walther Grün passed on his entrepreneurial spirit and his curiosity to his two sons, who soon joined the family business. In 1965, the company started focusing on its current product line – sun protection systems. The acquisition of a Swedish licence to manufacture blinds in Austria marked the beginning of this new phase. In 1975, the production of Venetian blinds, roller shutters, awnings and folding doors was increasingly successful. As a result, a second business location was established in Graz’s Kärntnerstraße: 6,000 m² devoted to the manufacture of sun protection products. No one could have foretold that, just seven years later, this site would need to be enlarged first by 2,000 m², and then once again to a total of 12,000 m².



With ‘WOhnen drinnen & WOhnen draußen’ (‘Living indoors and living outdoors’), in 1994 the company relocated once again, in order to devote itself exclusively to ‘sun protection design’ at its new site in Graz. Under this name, the first ever comprehensive manual for the industry was published – from the pen of WOUNDWO. Just a year later, the specially developed iso-design interior blind was launched; the model was enormously successful. Licences were sold throughout Europe, which had a significant impact on the manufacture of exterior blinds and on market development in Slovenia. In Maribor the company entered into a joint venture with Sonal, and shortly after that WOUNDWO acquired the firm Rotec in Oberkochen, Germany, and founded WO&WO-Rollladentechnik GmbH. 

In 1998, we acquired 74% of the shares in Dolenz Gollner GmbH, Austria’s largest awning manufacturer. Awnings and façade shading systems were added to complete the product range. 

2000 - 2009

The first decade of the new millennium was all about growth. In 2000, Dolenz Gollner was fully integrated into the group of companies, although the brand remained. As a result, the company now also had a world-wide presence with the export of parts: the competence centre at Hall in Tyrol was established. This has now been enlarged to include a logistics centre. The Hall location is becoming known as a global system provider of components relating to quality awnings. New markets are being developed in the components sector: in 2003 we acquired the company Erwilo in Bochum, Germany, which, in addition to its own range, produces WOUNDWO awnings for, among others, the French WOUNDWO subsidiary at Collégien near Paris. In 2009, Foliflex Königstetten moved into the WOUNDWO store in Vienna and has been incorporated into the firm as a brand.


Before WOUNDWO became part of the Munich-based industrial holding, the Grün family decided in 2006 to sell the company. Negotiations with Bavaria’s Haas Group were very positive, and there was soon talk of a joint future. A year later, WOUNDWO achieved the highest turnover in the company’s history. In 2015 the ADCURAM Group, whose founders are every bit as dynamic as Walther Grün was, bought the company. As a result, the company has on board a financially strong owner who will actively pursue our shared vision as we move into the future.

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